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It’s 98 degrees and humid in Taipei, and you’ve just devoured a steaming bowl of spicy beef noodles. The shade of the archway-covered city sidewalks provides some respite from the heat, but every time you cross the street and step out into the sun, you feel your forehead being seared like you’re an ant under Read more…

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  We begin this week by enjoying a bowl of noodles with dried shrimp and peanut in spicy sauce in Cooler Kitchen’s favorite neighborhood in Hong Kong! Sham Shui Po is a little off the regular shopping and temple visiting Hong Kong tourist track, but if you’re more interested in eating heavenly pineapple buns (below), Read more…

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In Hong Kong it rained and rained and poured and rained some more. Sweeping buckets of rain. Warm, heavy sheets of rain. We had assumed that, due to Hong Kong’s status as a world financial capital and international city, this was going to be a fairly easy place to navigate. Assumptions are dangerous when traveling to new and unfamiliar places, and we found ourselves surprised to fall a few beats behind during our stay. A few beats behind in the torrential rain, that is.

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  Dongguan is a city near the Pearl River Delta. It is the town where our 9″ EZ Grip Silicone Tongs are manufactured, and we were lucky to have a chance to meet and spend time with our friends who live there. Dongguan is an industrial city, and there are people from all over China Read more…

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Our first day in China  (This picture was not taken on our first day in China but wow look at us visiting the Great Wall!) Our first meal in China was HOT! Not hot like spicy, hot like it was 98 degrees and humid in Shen Zhen and we were doing our best to cruise Read more…

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Cooler Kitchen is traveling in Asia for the next month! Julie and Brandon write today from Hong Kong, where it may be raining milk tea (pictured above) and bao buns (pictured below), but we are stuffing our faces with some of the most exciting and delicious food there is on earth.

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Cooler Kitchen loves trying out new blended drink recipes in the summer! This time in the Outer Banks, we went for a homemade and super fresh way to enjoy one of the greatest classic cocktails ever invented- the Piña Colada.

As tempting as it may be to use store-bought piña colada mix, trust us when we tell you how worth it it is to make a fresh blend with cream of coconut and actual pineapple. You and your guests will totally notice the difference! We added our own twist by serving ours with a little rum floater on the top, which actually adds a little unexpected heat and an interesting sweetness.

This recipe makes about 4 piña coladas, so make sure you buy extra ingredients to keep up with the additional rounds that your guests will request after the first sip!

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Cooler Kitchen spent mandy another a week on the beach! We road tripped down to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, where we were blessed with incredible weather and unbelievable fresh seafood. This was the third time that Julie and Brandon went down to OBX together, and it used to be a yearly family vacation tradition for Brandon’s family for decades. Test!

We had some fun filming in our home kitchen in NYC before heading to North Carolina’s Outer Banks for vacation this week!

Check out Julie’s celebrated and much requested puff pastry pockets..

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