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Busan is South Korea’s second city, and it’s perfect just the way it is. Busan has many world class attributes including truly unique and incredible food, nightlife, art and shopping scenes, and you can opt to hop around trying a little bit of everything all day, or spend the day luxuriating at one of the most famous jimjilbang spas in the world


Shilin Night Market is world famous for it’s phenomenal food stalls, quirky shopping scene, and an exciting street vibe that makes visitors feel happy and welcome. Check out our photos from our Shilin Night Market Food Crawl, and don’t you dare miss the Hot Star Chicken or the fried mini crabs if you’re ever in Taipei!


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A friend in Caroll Gardens invited us over to hang out on her front stoop, enjoy refreshing beverages, and nosh on snacks all afternoon last Sunday. Following the Balaboosta recipe basically to a tea, I whipped up a batch of hummus to bring to the party, and served it with Damascus Bakery pita bread, which is baked here in NYC.

sushi in fukoka

There’s much more to Japanese cuisine than just sushi. However, when you’re actually in Japan there is divine toro literally floating on conveyor belts in small shops on every block. How could you not indulge? Just look at the sumptuous marbling on the above sashimi purchased for not very much money at Kuromon Ichiba Market near the Dotonburi area of Osaka.

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Cooler Kitchen loves fish tacos! For any summer grilling opportunity, there’s nothing better than quickly marinating a quality piece of fish in a few simple ingredients, throwing it on the grill, and setting up a great make-your-own-taco spread for guests to enjoy….

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It’s 98 degrees and humid in Taipei, and you’ve just devoured a steaming bowl of spicy beef noodles. The shade of the archway-covered city sidewalks provides some respite from the heat, but every time you cross the street and step out into the sun, you feel your forehead being seared like you’re an ant under Read more…

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  We begin this week by enjoying a bowl of noodles with dried shrimp and peanut in spicy sauce in Cooler Kitchen’s favorite neighborhood in Hong Kong! Sham Shui Po is a little off the regular shopping and temple visiting Hong Kong tourist track, but if you’re more interested in eating heavenly pineapple buns (below), Read more…

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In Hong Kong it rained and rained and poured and rained some more. Sweeping buckets of rain. Warm, heavy sheets of rain. We had assumed that, due to Hong Kong’s status as a world financial capital and international city, this was going to be a fairly easy place to navigate. Assumptions are dangerous when traveling to new and unfamiliar places, and we found ourselves surprised to fall a few beats behind during our stay. A few beats behind in the torrential rain, that is.

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  Dongguan is a city near the Pearl River Delta. It is the town where our 9″ EZ Grip Silicone Tongs are manufactured, and we were lucky to have a chance to meet and spend time with our friends who live there. Dongguan is an industrial city, and there are people from all over China Read more…

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