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We had some fun filming in our home kitchen in NYC before heading to North Carolina’s Outer Banks for vacation this week!

Check out Julie’s celebrated and much requested puff pastry pockets..

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The East Village is full of community gardens, and we recently joined the one on our very own block. Our first step was to sign up on the waiting list for a plot (ti will probably take about a year) and to volunteer to participate in the garden’s annual Potluck Dinner…..

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This week, I baked birthday treats for one of the amazing young children whom I mentor in Brooklyn. To surprise him on the day of his 10th birthday, I casually asked him three weeks ago what his favorite dessert is, and he said blueberry muffins. Not brownies, cookies, or cupcakes? Nope. He loves blueberry muffins. Read more…

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Cooking with non-stick pots and pans is an awesome way to minimize clean-up time after you enjoy your meal. Unfortunately, using metal utensils can scratch and damage your non-stick cookware, and there have been many concerns raised in the media in……dsaad

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  If you follow Cooler Kitchen on Twitter or Facebook (and you should!), you might know that Julie and Brandon spent Memorial Day eating hotdogs at Coney Island. Today, we are in the mood to celebrate the start of the Summer 2015 season by exploring a different mode of summer cooking, the one where the freshness Read more…


Two of my husband’s absolute favorite flavors are blue cheese and pear. I designed this pizza in his honor, whipping it up for us on a Monday night and serving it along with a good white Belgian-style beer.

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This is the best tasting, most refreshing smoothie that I ever made. The tangy pineapple and mango perfectly compliments the strawberry and banana, and the earthiness of the kale actually grounds the flavor base quite harmoniously. There is no added sugar or flavoring, so although it’s quite sweet you can feel great about enjoying your Read more…

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Good morning from Cooler Kitchen! A few weeks ago we visited Montreal, one of our favorite cities to the north, and came back with cases and cases of maple syrup. Maple syrup is a major ingredient in French Canadian cooking, and thus inspired we have been slathering it on everything since returning to Cooler Kitchen Read more…


Here at Cooler Kitchen we are huge fans of The Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten! Here is a throwback pic, circa June 2010, when Julie got to meet Ina at the Fancy Food Show in NYC. Ina’s Perfect Roast Chicken Recipe is just that- perfect. The Barefoot Contessa so clearly and simply describes how to season and Read more…

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