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Our Reviews: “best tongs we’ve ever had” “The design is incredible” “GREAT ergonomic design” “Very sturdy. Very high quality. I am impressed” “If I hadn’t bought the bad ones, I’d have had no idea how nice these are”


After Preparing One Meal, You Will See Why Our 9-Inch, EZ Grip Silicone Tongs Are Vital To Every Home Kitchen! Our Tongs Are Perfect For COOKING AN AMAZING MEAL With Comfort And Flare! These Tongs Were Designed For Maximum Durability And Support To Your Hands And Wrists While You Flip Steaks, Toss Salads, Or Dip Ripe Strawberries In Chocolate.


* Our Tongs Are Designed To Last – Composed Of Thick Stainless Steel And Stiff Premium Food Grade Silicone. That Means Absolutely NO PLASTIC! Our Silicone Is NON-TOXIC And BPA Free!


* The Heat-Resistant Silicone Grip Protects Your Hands From Burns In Even The Hottest Situations.


* Ergonomic Nonslip Silicone Handle and Scalloped Silicone Edges Provide For An Easy Grasp And A Strong And Precise Grip.


* Get More Use Out of Your Pots and Pans! Our Silicone Tips Won’t Scratch Your Nonstick Surfaces.


* The Hand-Picked Lively Green Color Of Our Tongs Will Keep You Peppy As You Buzz Around Your Kitchen.



Our Silicone Tongs Are 100% Dishwasher Safe And Heat Resistant Up To 420 degrees. They Won’t Melt or Flake in Your Food During Cooking Like Cheap Plastic or Nylon tongs.


* The Silicone Pull Up Loop Locks Our Tongs Closed For Easy Drawer Storage Or To Hang On Display.

* Hygienic FIRM Silicone Molded Stainless Steel Heads Will Never Come Apart When Cleaning And Will Not Allow Nasty Bacteria To Grow.




AWESOME BONUS!!  When You Purchase Our Tongs, You Will Receive A FREE COPY Of Our Cookbook “Cooking Is Awesome!” This Cookbook Includes Some Of Our FAVORITE RECIPES From Our Home Kitchen.


100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If, For Whatever Reason, You Don’t Absolutely Love Your EZ-Grip Tongs, Just Return them, And We will Refund Every Penny (Or Replace It, If There Is A Problem).


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  • I have joined your VIP club and have received confirmation. I am trying to register the purchase of two tongs recently purchased. Where do I do that?

    • Hi,

      The VIP club link in the sidebar should do the trick. Thanks for your support!

      Brandon & Julie

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