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Lamb is always on our minds in the Springtime. With a leg of lamp waiting for it’s moment in the freezer, we couldn’t wait another week to defrost it and make some magic happen at Cooler Kitchen headquarters.

It’s no secret that Cooler Kitchen loves soup! It’s spring in New York City, and nothing beats a hot bowl of coconut curry soup with light, bright flavors to keep the manic weather swings in check.

This scrumptious one dish meal was the product of a trip to Whole Foods, where we found air-chilled chicken drumsticks on sale for a really good price. Pretty, pretty good! To celebrate the robust marriage of dark meat chicken and asparagus flavors, we went with thyme and just a bit of red chili pepper to season.

The Cooler Kitchen crew needs a vacation from time to time, and we’ve been lucky to go on some pretty epic traveling adventures! Reading Terminal Market is one of the most incredible food markets in the world. It features all local businesses (many of the stalls are run by Amish folks). We Attended The “6th Annual Party For The Market” this last weekend.

As we’ve disclosed many times before, Cooler Kitchen is a COSTCO loving kitchen, so we got a little giddy the last time we were at the megastore when we found whole ducks for a reasonable price. We had never tried cooking duck before, although we absolutely love it, and Julie had just watched an online video on pannacooking.com of Chef Michael Anthony making glazed spiced duck. For Valentines Day, we decided to give this decadent recipe a try.

The Super Bowl came and went this year, and Cooler Kitchen threw down at a friend’s party with some loaded sweet potato skins. Our hosts were doing the heavy lifting by taking care of all the necessary stick-to-your-ribs Super Bowl fare. We were asked to contribute “some vegetable dish,” and we accepted the challenge!

This is a delicious recipe for a big bold and beefy chili that balances the tang of tomato with the richness of cocoa. It’s almost like a chili mole, with really basic preparation and the added bonus of filling Cooler Kitchen headquarters and the surrounding hallway with the delicious smell of slow cooking meat for 6 hours.

We were all snowed in last weekend here at Cooler Kitchen Headquarters in NYC – so we had to make some chocolate chip blizzard cookies!

Mmmmm gotta love Sunday dinner. We rarely go anywhere on Sundays, and it’s a great opportunity to cook at home with what we’ve got in the house. There were some Mahi Mahi filets in the fridge that we had scored on sale at Whole Foods earlier in the week, some hearty kale leftover from our friend’s CSA gift three weeks ago, some cherry tomatoes and some brown rice. The meal we improvised came together beautifully!

Our friend shared part of her CSA box with us last weekend. We ended up with lots of leeks and carrots, and we had some homemade chicken stock in the freezer. This adventure in soup making led us down a warm and delicious path, perfect for what we are craving these days!

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