A Perfect “Choose Your Own Adventure” Roast Chicken Recipe

A Perfect “Choose Your Own Adventure” Roast Chicken Recipe


Here at Cooler Kitchen we are huge fans of The Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten! Here is a throwback pic, circa June 2010, when Julie got to meet Ina at the Fancy Food Show in NYC.

 Ina’s Perfect Roast Chicken Recipe is just that- perfect. The Barefoot Contessa so clearly and simply describes how to season and truss a chicken for roasting over vegetables, and this true one dish meal is a great dinner to share as a couple, with leftovers the next day. We have found that this roast chicken recipe can be a great choose-your-own-adventure experience, and we’ll mix it up by trying different vegetables, spices and herbs. We use whatever vegetables look best at the market, and some of our greatest roasts have featured squash, sweet potato or mushroom. Julie loves adding garlic, cumin, paprika, thyme, or crushed red pepper to the seasoning depending on the vegetable combinations. For this roast, we started with leeks, onion, carrot and red potato, which we seasoned with thyme and red pepper flakes and tossed in a little olive oil.

Next, we seasoned and trussed the chicken as per Ina’s directions, and placed it over the veggies. We actually have found that we prefer using olive oil over butter as a fat in the recipe (part of choosing our own adventure!). An hour and a half later, we had a gorgeous roast chicken. Julie will often prepare the chicken the night before and stick it in the refrigerator, and then just roast it when it’s time to start thinking about dinner the next day.


Thank you Ina for your Perfect Roast Chicken Recipe! Cooler Kitchen would like to ask our readers if they’ve tried this recipe before, and if so have you had your own choose-your-own-adventure experience?

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