Eating SoCal, 2011

Eating SoCal, 2011


I haven’t posted in a while, having just returned to New York from a fabulous (and delicious) West Coast vacation! Yes, while my neighbors in NYC were sweltering away in 104 degree heat, I was eating my way through Southern California in a 75 degree breeze. As unfair as that sounds, I promise that I paid for it in the hours that I spent sitting in horrible traffic while I was there.

Having a smart phone with a Yelp application is a game changer when you’re traveling- we didn’t have one bad meal the whole time we were in San Diego or Los Angeles. Here are some special highlights from our trip…

The “Crazy Scallop Roll” at Sushi Cat in LA on Wilshire (near LACMA). Perhaps the very best contemporary-style sushi roll I’ve ever eaten, with shrimp tempura, crab meat, avocado, and cucumber, topped by baked scallop, green onion and masago.

Breakfast boreka from Moishe’s Village in the LA Farmer’s Market. I’ve gotta learn how to make this! This one was especially interesting, because as I recall this is a traditionally Sephardic Jewish dish and there was definitely bacon on ours.

Plumegranates, also from the farmer’s market. Perfectly plummy on the inside with a thick, tart skin.

Donut holes and apple fritters from Magee’s Donuts in Hollywood.

We found unbelievable Mexican food in San Diego at this unassuming, window-service-only taco joint with solid 5 star reviews and one dollar sign on Yelp. I love the juxtaposition of this tiny little kitchen hut next to a gleaming modern office tower, right in downtown San Diego…

Fish Tacos! Fish Tacos! Fiiiiish Tacoooooooooos!

The best Carne Asada Burrito of my life.

And, on our way back east through the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, some Texas-style barbecue; peppery, tangy ribs with a hulking slab of Texas toast.

I had an amazing time in California, but this was the longest stretch of time I’ve gone without cooking in over a year and I truly missed being in my kitchen.  I wonder what I should make for my first meal back home in New York City?


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