2nd Annual Lobsterfest!

2nd Annual Lobsterfest!

Our shore house held it’s 2nd Annual Lobsterfest in honor of our steak-of-the-sea loving house mate’s birthday last weekend (Happy birthday, Dev!), and this year the local catch brought us “New Shell” lobsters, meaning they had recently molted their shells, therefore we could tear into them like barbarians with our own bare hands. I didn’t boil them myself, instead I seasoned 20 ears of sweet Jersey corn for the grill, and made what has become a signature summer staple side at our house, my spicy sesame peanut noodles.

Despite cooking in what is essentially a party house kitchen, we have been turning out one amazing meal after another. Coming up next week, I’ll tell you about a five course meal for six guests featuring my mother’s no-fail barbecue chicken recipe!

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