About Us

BigNJ Inc is the parent company of Cooler Kitchen, a company that was founded in 2014 by Julie and Brandon, an apartment dwelling couple in New York City.  We love to cook at home and we are always on a mission to find new products that minimize space and maximize our time in our small beloved kitchen. 

So many cooking products are mass produced, drab looking, and often uncomfortable to use.  Our passion is to make everyday cooking exciting and joyful.  We devote ourselves to selecting and designing high quality kitchen products for the modern home chef. 

Our products are well designed, come in fun colors, and are ergonomic.  Cooler Kitchen was born when we decided to share our passion for finding great kitchen tools with the world.  

About CoolerKitchen.com

Cooler Kitchen.com is written by Julie Fuhrmann.

I have always loved cooking and eating great food, but years of living in small apartments and commuting to work had limited my culinary excursions to a bundle of take-out menus. All of that changed in 2009 when I relocated to a new spot in the East Village in Downtown Manhattan, complete with my first fabulous, functional kitchen!

Now, I cannot stress enough that I absolutely do not consider myself to be a professional chef (or photographer).  By day, I am a Social Worker at an elementary school in Brooklyn!

Above all, I believe that there is an inherent connection between what people eat and how they feel, and that cultivating an interest in what we consume each day is one of the greatest ways that we can respect and nourish ourselves. What I adore most is learning to make simple, balanced comfort food for myself, my friends and loved ones, and CoolerKitchen.com will chronicle my exploration of who I am as a home chef sharing the triumphs, catastrophes and tips that I encounter along the way.

Finally, I cook with fresh, local ingredients as much as my budget, and New York seasonal weather patterns, allow me to.

Thanks to my friends and family for following my adventures and for reading my blog, and to my amazing husband Brandon!