Balaboosta Cookbook’s Glorious & Easy Hummus Recipe

Balaboosta Cookbook’s Glorious & Easy Hummus Recipe

It’s taking some time for us at Cooler Kitchen to adjust to being back home in New York City after our travels around Asia this summer. One of the ways that we are re-acquainting ourselves with our fair city is, of course, through the food that we love but were unable to really access in Japan, Korea, or China. We are fans of chef Einat Admony’s Mediterranean Jewish cuisine restaurants in Manhattan, which include Taim, Balaboosta, and recently opened Bar Bolonat, and one of the first tastes that we craved upon returning home was the creamy hummus that Einat refers to as “My Husband’s Hummus Recipe” in her Balaboosta Cookbook.

A friend in Caroll Gardens invited us over to hang out on her front stoop, enjoy refreshing beverages, and nosh on snacks all afternoon last Sunday. Following the Balaboosta recipe basically to a tea, I whipped up a batch of hummus to bring to the party, and served it with Damascus Bakery pita bread, which is baked here in NYC.


After soaking the chickpeas over night, then draining and boiling them in water, I added the precise amounts of garlic, cumin, lemon juice, oil, salt and pepper as specified by Einat. This resulted in a perfect and ample batch of hummus- so good, you’ll want to devour the whole bowl before serving it to any guests.


The plate I served it on was a gift from a friend that we made in Korea at a beer and chicken joint near Dangdaemong. No, we’re still not entirely over how amazing our trip was and all of our adventures in Asia, but with hummus this good we are slowly but surely finding our way back in the New York groove.


Please check out Einat Admony’s restaurants in NYC, and buy her Balaboosta Cookbook for yourself or as a gift for someone you love. I am not being paid to promote this but; it is very well written, and the recipes are interesting and unique while uncomplicated to follow.

A copy of the recipe has been republished here:

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