Cooler Kitchen is traveling in Asia for the next month!

Cooler Kitchen is traveling in Asia for the next month!

Cooler Kitchen is traveling in Asia for the next month! Julie and Brandon write today from Hong Kong, where it may be raining milk tea (pictured above) and bao buns (pictured below), but we are stuffing our faces with some of the most exciting and delicious food there is on earth.

Next week we will share a little more about our magical and fortunate trip to mainland China, where we visited the megalopolis of Shenzhen, origin of the fluffy and savory BBQ Pork Bun pictured above. You may be interested to know that this slice of perfection was purchased at a metro station convenience store. Our fellow New Yorkers would agree that this is a major step above the churro carts often observed in the MTA. From Shenzhen, we were graciously led through the cuisines of three different regions of China by our dear friends who live in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. Today, however, we want to keep talking about buns.

This BBQ Pork Bun is from Hong Kong’s world class dim sum chain Tim Ho Wan, where they bake the buns to crispy perfection. The pork filling was tantalizingly succulent, making us forget about the monsoon warnings buzzing from people’s phones around us as we munched (don’t worry, there wasn’t a monsoon when all was said and done, just very heavy rains).

Finally, behold the beautiful Pineapple Bun of Hong Kong’s Sham Shui Po neighborhood. So round and cake like, with a golden bottom and a pleasant crunch and crumbling on top. The soft dough tastes eggy and sweet, but not too sweet, something like a challah bread. We were blown away.

When Cooler Kitchen gets back to New York, we will have a lot of experimenting to do so that we can learn the secret to making homemade buns right in our own kitchen! But for now, we would love to share with you a link to a Pineapple Bun recipe from a beautifully written blog that we admire, The Woks of Life, which delves into the world of at-home Chinese Cooking. Check out Sarah’s Pineapple Bun Recipe here!

M goi! Until next week, when we will be in Japan!

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