Maple Syrup – Great Beyond Breakfast!

Maple Syrup – Great Beyond Breakfast!

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Good morning from Cooler Kitchen! A few weeks ago we visited Montreal, one of our favorite cities to the north, and came back with cases and cases of maple syrup. Maple syrup is a major ingredient in French Canadian cooking, and thus inspired we have been slathering it on everything since returning to Cooler Kitchen headquarters in NYC. From oatmeal to yogurt to chicken wings, we’ve been adding maple syrup into our rotation as a staple condiment, and our lives are all the better for it.

Check out this shot of Maple syrup taffy from an outdoor market in Montreal’s St. Laurent neighborhood. The dude who sold it to us poured boiled syrup onto a pile of (clean) snow, and then rolled it up with the popsicle stick to make a little syrup taffy lollipop for us.

Do you cook with maple syrup beyond pancakes and waffles? We’d love to hear how!

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