Shilin Night Market In Taipei

Shilin Night Market In Taipei

Shilin Night Market is world famous for it’s phenomenal food stalls, quirky shopping scene, and an exciting street vibe that makes visitors feel happy and welcome. Check out our photos from our Shilin Night Market Food Crawl, and don’t you dare miss the Hot Star Chicken or the fried mini crabs if you’re ever in Taipei!


Scenes from the “secret” underground food court, where we sampled many delectable and interesting snacks that were new to us. We absolutely loved the mini crabs- they tasted almost like really well seasoned popcorn!


Next up, we enjoyed watching the preparation of our oyster omelettes, which were pitched to us as a local specialty.

These sweet and tart Happy Sweet Potato Balls were really yummy! Someone really needs to bring something like this to New York, they’d be killer in a place like Central Park.


After some intensive picking trough the market’s endless racks of hilarious and out there t-shirts, we finally worked up a second appetite wind for the Hot Star Chicken experience.


This was one of our favorite nights in Asia during our trip. What an incredible place! The Shilin Night Market has officially joined Torvallern Halle Maket in Copenhagen,   where we traveled in 2013,  as one of Cooler Kitchen’s “happy places” that we think of when times get tough here in NYC!

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